[Mageia-discuss] ISO 0 specification

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Nov 2 13:13:17 CET 2010

Le mardi 02 novembre 2010 à 09:20 +0100, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> I read the full meeting logs from 25/10, and i noticed tmb saying:
> "pretty much a cooker snapshot"
> I donno how far you're going to take this; but i thought we would be getting a 
> new version out ASAP.
> in my understanding, we would get a 2010.1 snapshot and use it to build the 
> first ISO.
> and use the cooker snapshot to get a cauldron.
> imo the cooker is sooo unstable and broken, we will not be able to get a 
> working ISO from it, that is more or less stable in this timeframe.
> eg:
>  * KDE
>  * glib
>  * perl
>  * python
>  * RPM
>  * ...
> most of these will get fixed, in time; but what about ALL the packages 
> depending on that? most of the packages aren't even maintained...

They are not more maintained on 2010.1 than on cooker. 

> personally, i'm against using cooker to make a stable ISO 0.

why that's what we do all the time, after a stabilisation period. It
worked fine for the last 7 years, and that's a part of the process that
is used by lots of distributions. ( have a devel tree, fork it for
release, bug fix, release it ). There is slightly different variations
( fedora and no frozen rawhide, debian and testing/stable/unstable ),
but all do the same, basically.

> rebranding a 2010.1 will be lots more stable; and maintime we will have the 
> time to make cauldron (from cooker) into something good, so we will be able to 
> make a release based on cauldron on the 18th of september.

But it would be less appealing, and this would make the life of the
communication team slightly difficult. It would also mean getting older
hardware support, older versions of various components ( like python,
for example ). 

And this would not save anything, as the bugfix work will have to be
done anyway sooner or later. 

More ever, the experience showed that if you give more time to fix bugs,
bugs just take more time to be fixed ( aka, we are lazy ). The more
visible evidence is the activity in Mandriva when a deadline appear "we
will now freeze the version update", where suddenly everybody update
everything ( while we could have done sooner ) 

And postponing to september ( ie 6 months later ) will be imho more
problematic, as this will add the current cooker breakage to the one
introduced by all the changes that people will want to push in the 6
months ( gnome 3, etc, etc ). We have already experience with the
current 6 months cycles, but we do not really have with a 1 year cycle,
and this may cause trouble.

So it is better to split the work into small time based chunks, because
that's something we know, and we should avoid surprise to start the

Michael Scherer

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