[Mageia-discuss] Suggestions for the ISO

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sun Nov 7 00:08:27 CET 2010

Philippe DIDIER a écrit :
>   What the F#@§ does allow you to speak of stinginess !!!
> Mandriva 2010.1 : last security update for openoffice (3.2-4.1) : 110
> Moctets
> Slow dialup connection (36kbits/sec max = in fact 25 kbits/sec):
> 10 hours for downloading it .... and happy when the connection is not
> broken !
> They reach  half the amount of downloading for one month !
> That's for friends of mine, in France ! (30 km from my ADSL 6MBytes/sec)
> They might use satellite connection but it has a limited bandwith
> allowance and it's a little expensive...
> They cannot use mobile broadband : it's a white zone !
> They are  retired : they spent 20 years of their life working for free
> for humanitary associations in backward countries,  that's the reason
> why they couldn't spare money for now.  They are really poor, but they
> are far from being stringy ... their past life would  put some shame on
> you saying this !
>   Being in the "first world" doesn't always mean being rich ! open your
> eyes !
> Back to the subject :
> I downloaded the rpms from the repo (few seconds) and kept them in a
> directory after the update !
> Burned some CDs  ! (for those friends, an some in Africa, )
> I know which rpms they installed, and  which to keep when there's an
> update !
> I suppose some users would be interested to use Mageia if they knew
> there's a way to get CD of updates, and to update from those CD or DVD
> instead of using internet connection !
> GNU-Linux intends to share freely the knowledge, and the way to access
> to it... for everyone!

Point well taken.
Note that this 110M security update for OpenOffice would probably be 
less than a 2M delta update.
That is, b**y-file update since the last major OpenOffice release - or 
Mandriva release, if using Go-oo available from Mandriva.
So such delta updates would be useful as well.

- André

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