[Mageia-discuss] Introducing mageia-app-db

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 23:51:48 CET 2010

On lundi 08 novembre 2010 at 21:06, Tux99 wrote :
> > I'm not against, however how can we define those groups ? Is there a
> > way to automate it ? Is it necessary to define it manually (and so to
> > maintain it so have maintainers of these groups definitions) ?
> This could be implemented based on common source RPM. Basically all 
> packages that are derived from the same source RPM would be shown as 
> children (folded away by default). We would just need to have a way to 
> define which package is the master package that is shown.

I think that is too restrictive.

For example we have some firefox extensions (firefox-ext-*) which are 
(almost) all built from their own source RPM, but I guess we would want 
those packages folded under firefox.

Same goes for all the plasmoïds available as plasma-applet-* paqkages, 
although I don't know under which package those should be folded, maybe 
under an empty meta-package plasma-applets which would have suggestions for 
the most common plasmoïds?

Maybe we could have a special dependency which would be marked as the 
"master dependency" under which the packages would be folded?
Or a special RPM tag, which could be either another package name, or any 
name under which the packages would be grouped. With, for the latter, would 
be visually distinguished (for example displayed in italic) from real, 
installable packages.

Renaud Michel

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