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Fri Nov 12 00:46:39 CET 2010


After having contact with Romain d'Alverny i want to now if Mageia supports
the icon theme that i presented on mageia-artwork at mageia.org.
Maybe this will be the place to have a debate about this.
The icon theme G-Xiria i use is a theme that i allready maked early this
year i'm tweaking it and making new icons to fit drak-icons.

Here is the preview off icons i allready maked for drak-Mageia
Here is a link to G-Xiria icon-theme

The question is is this a good theme to use for the drak icons ?
Also could this theme G-Xiria be later used as a standard icon-theme for
And could this be later become the standard theme for KDE and Gnome in

Please comment,

Greetings Gerdy
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