[Mageia-discuss] two more "common logos" designs have entries in the red list (IMO).

Rick Stockton rickstockton at reno-computerhelp.com
Fri Nov 19 23:22:16 CET 2010

I have a world-wide concern with "blue globe" earth images, and a
USA-related problem with "blue flame" logos.

Guidelines explicitly dis-allowed the use of elements which are already in
use (by Mandriva, KDE, GNOME and one or two others.) But the "any other
obvious trademarked/common logo" is open to interpretation, and I think
that we should explicitly dis-allow "globe earth" logo elements in shades
of blue. Firefox is possibly the most popular "open source" software of
all; and they've been using the blue earth background ever since they
crawled through the Phoenix --> Firebird --> Firefox mess.
- - - - -

I also hate the blue flame image (in nearly all of it's many  variations).
People on other continents may not know this, but the emblem is _widely_
used in USA advertising. Not just one company, either: It's shared among
all makers of gas appliances and vendors of gas (piped-in natural gas, and
tank-stored Liquid propane too). Natural gas gas supplies are abundant and
inexpensive here- typically only 1/3 the cost of electrical resistance
heating, and we've got at least 200 years worth left of recoverable
natural gas left.)

In addition to advertisements promoting specific products and suppliers,
there are additional ads bought to emphasize that it burns much "cleaner"
than coal. (These are the most numerous of all advertisements.) So, in the
USA, it really DOES look like we're trying to sell kitchen stoves, or water
heaters, or burners for heating homes, or gas appliance usage in a general

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