[Mageia-discuss] Logo proposals discussion

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Nov 22 05:02:27 CET 2010

Oliver Burger a écrit :
> Jérôme Hénin<heninj at gmail.com>  schrieb am 2010-11-21
>> Still, I can't help but wonder: what does this logo say about Mageia?
>> The "cauldron with/without fire" sounds like a kind of insider's joke
>> to me. I doubt that it would help getting the Mageia message across to
>> a broad audience.
> What do all the others? What does the logo at the upper right of this page
> say: http://www.deutsche-bank.de/index.htm
> Nothing? But still, it's the biggest bank in Germany...
> A logo does not have to "say" anything. It has to be recognizable. And I do
> think this one is!
> Oliver

Well the cauldron logo is so simple that it is barely distinguishable 
from a circle.  What we need is a distinctive logo that is easily 
Even if the cauldron is recognised as such, what is the image usually 
associated with a cauldron, at least in Europe and North America ?
Witchcraft.  Thus magic.
So of course, potential users will be attracted by an operating system 
which says,
"with the right incantations, Mageia *should* work."
Somehow, I don't think so.

Don't forget, we must put ourselves in the shoes of those who might be 
attacted to Mageia, not in the shoes of developers who are already 

my 2 cents :)

- André

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