[Mageia-discuss] FOSDEM, quick reminder

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Nov 26 13:40:10 CET 2010


so for people who plan to go to FOSDEM for the first assembly, do not
forget to take your train or plane ticket in advance as this is cheaper.

Since I often forget to do it, and since fosdem is in 70 days ( ie
beginning of the month, not the end as it was before ), it is sooner
than we may believe.

And for people who take the car, I can only encourage you to try to
share it with others free software fellows. You can get quite good
result by seeking in your lug for that.

Do not also forget the deadline for lighting talk
( http://fosdem.org/2011/call_for_lightningtalks ). But try to not all
submit a lighting talk at the same time on the same subject.
Personally, I didn't submit anything, and I do not know if someone did.

Apart from that, there is not planned yet. So we should try to organize
ourself. I suppose that opening a wiki page would be a good idea, so I
have created http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=events:fosdem2011

( I think Anne asked for a stand, no answer yet, deadline is 06/12 ).

Usually also FOSDEM is a occasion to get together for the evening, but
the more we are the more complex it get. So this requires that people

And while we are on it, I think we could also try to have some best
practice for the planning, like :

- having someone in charge of coordination ( this greatly helped at
AUFML ). Coordination if we have a stand, or if we don't. So any
volunteer ?

- having a checklist ( network, power cord, etc ), if possible
translated and kept up to date. AUFML also has one, I am sure that every
others groups have it, so we could consolidate them. 

- having some kind of map linked to our ldap would help in the future to
find who could be interested. but that's a rather complex task to carry.
( after all, if we can place mirror on the map, we can do it for other
people too ).

Of course, even if there is no coordination, this will likely work,
provided there is enough people present ( as Wolfgang discovered last
year ).
Michael Scherer

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