[Mageia-discuss] Habemus logo

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 11 11:51:10 CET 2010

I want to point to skiper's blog, who gave the whole "Logo" issue some
thought. It is titled, "Mageia logo - I don't like it".

But what he writes is very different from the usual "I don't like it,
it's ugly" posts. I explains in detail why he does not like it and why
he thinks it is not a good choice based on objective reasons. Although
I do not share his opinion I want to give credit to him because he did
not just complain, he put some thinking and time into explaining his

BTW: He explicitely states that he does not complain about the
decision finding process.


Good reading, even if it is not my opinion :)

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