[Mageia-discuss] help from kde forums

Morgan Leijström fri at tribun.eu
Sat Dec 11 11:53:36 CET 2010

Den 2010-12-11 11:42:25 skrev Ahmad Samir:

> >> I guess a sub-forum for a KDE app might fit in forum.kde.org; but not
> >> for a full fledged distro...
> >>
> >> The forum of a distro will get posts about all sorts of software
> >> (other DE's, kernel, hardware, drakxtools... etc), not just
> >> kde-related problems. So I don't think sub-forum in forum.kde.org will
> >> do it for a distro (just my humble 0.02€ worth).
> >
> > i donno, it might be yet another mageia (sub-)community.
> >
> > and possibly also a way to gather more users/testers during alpha
> > testing.
> Having a sub- community isn't necessarily a good thing; it should be
> done only when needed, e.g. the localised forums (MLO, MUD... etc).
> But for the English-speaking community one official forum should do,
> (this is my own opinion, anyway).

I agree to that, absolutely. - Basically...

However it might be an idea to have KDE-only related discussions on a 
sub-forum at KDE.

If so it should be clearly stated on Mageia main forum that KDE related 
questions should be postet there, and link to there.

(and a sticky post a KDE sub forum sould tell users to post oter questions @ 
Mageia, link)

Having such sub forum @ KDE gives:

1) Mageia users more easily get to read tips, workarounds whatever regarding 

2) Mageia get a bit more visibility, hopefully attracting users and maybe 

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