[Mageia-discuss] Mandriva breakage warning *** important ***

lebarhon lebarhon at free.fr
Sun Dec 19 10:41:02 CET 2010

Le 19/12/2010 02:29, Michael scherer a écrit :
> And the fact is that you are expressing exactly the sterotype that I 
> think we should
> avoid because it would hurt our reputation, ie seeing us mainly as "Mandriva users"
> despites having no data, that's just a supposition ( likely true, but yet
> unproven ).
> If we start to act this way and see ourselves as Mandriva users, then others people
> outside of the community will see us like this too. And when we will start to speak
> of Mageia, they will only remember "oh, but they are mandriva users".
> Because the image you have of your community is the one you send to others.
> So if we want to be seen as something else than Mandriva users, if we really want
> our independance, we need to act accordingly. And the sooner we start, the sooner
> it will have a impact, and so the better it is.
> You know, changes mind take time.
> People still talk to me of mandrake, 5 years after the distribution changed
>   name. So if we want to be seen as different, I see no reason to not start now.
> And we need to be seen as different, because we need to overcome Mandriva bad
> reputation ( like this update, for example, or the general bad mood due
> to various budget cut etc ). The question is not if the reputation is deserved
> or not ( because I think it is not, at least not for everything ). But the
> fact is it exist, and that I think we want to avoid it.
Unfortunately, everyone can still see the same names/nicknames on 
Mandriva ML and Mageia ML, and everywhere, long after Mageia birth . So 
it seems that your wishes don't fit with reality.

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