[Mageia-discuss] Mandriva breakage warning *** important ***

Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org
Sun Dec 19 15:33:08 CET 2010

On Sunday 19 December 2010, my mailbox was graced by a missive
 from Michael scherer <misc at zarb.org> who wrote:

> Well, you see the same nickname on plf and mandriva list, yet most people
>  see that  they are 2 different group, and act accordingly. So it can be
>  done, and the first step is to be aware of the problem, and to understand
>  it. Maybe this requires to have a strong different brand, maybe others
>  ideas an be  used for that.
Could be the names are too close to each other, and in the minds of the crowds 
the progression  Mandrake ==> Mandriva ==> Mageia appears logical.
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