[Mageia-discuss] Trying to learn a little about packaging

Hoyt Duff hoytduff at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 06:18:58 CET 2011

The .spec file as provided defines %define _prefix as /usr/local. Yes,
I know that it should be /usr for a Mandriva-specific package, but I'd
like to actually build the package first so I can understand what
needs to be patched to build from the pristine sources on
Madriva/Mageia, not start from scratch - that kind of defeats the
purpose of RPM.

In the %files section "%{_libdir}/%{name}" should pick up "%_prefix",
but it does not. As a result, some files don't get created in two
directories and the build fails.

What I'm asking is if there is a difference in how Mandrake handles
that substitution versus how Fedora handles that. I installed Fedora
in a VM and the package builds fine on Fedora, but I get the error on
Madriva. I've examined the .spec file and don't see where there is any
obvious problem, so I'm seeking some guidance as to where to look

While I can find lots of (mostly useless) info on RPM building through
Google, I'm not sure where to look for any Mandriva docs for that, so
a suggestion for that would be welcome as well.

On 1/13/11, Remy CLOUARD <shikamaru at mandriva.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 09:41:46AM +0200, P. Christeas wrote:
>> On Thursday 13 January 2011, Hoyt Duff wrote:
>> > ...
>> > I contacted the author, who says the rpm will build on Fedora. He
>> > says: "Path error. The .spec file "%define _prefix /usr/local"
>> > (compare with a "./configure --prefix=/usr/local") and in the %files
>> > section "%{_libdir}/%{name}" should pick up "%_prefix". For some
>> > reason it doesn't but then again I never built RPM's on Mandriva...
>> >
>> > ... and gave me a hack to try that fails also with an error he has
>> > never seen before,
>> > error: Package already exists: %package __restore__
>> >
>> > Can someone point me to where in the Mandriva docs I can find info on
>> > what might be going wrong? Thanks.
>> (by just looking at your mail, no deeper look at rkhunter or else)
>> The prefix should be "/usr", and not explicitly defined in the project's
>> spec.
>> Reason: all software that is installed through distro packages goes to
>> /usr.
>> All other that installs through "./install.sh" or custom hacks goes to
>> "/usr/local"
>> So, make sure that "/usr/local" is _not_ the path passed to ./configure
>> and
>> used to install files onto.
> That’s true.
> I would add that we also have preconfigured macro that ensures standard
> directories are respected (among other things).
> Could you try using %configure2_5x instead of ./configure ? the prefix
> part should be dropped.
> If you are curious about what it does, you could try rpm --eval
> %configure2_5x :-)
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