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Remy CLOUARD shikamaru at mandriva.org
Sat Jan 15 09:30:50 CET 2011

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 12:18:58AM -0500, Hoyt Duff wrote:
> The .spec file as provided defines %define _prefix as /usr/local. Yes,
> I know that it should be /usr for a Mandriva-specific package, but I'd
> like to actually build the package first so I can understand what
> needs to be patched to build from the pristine sources on
> Madriva/Mageia, not start from scratch - that kind of defeats the
> purpose of RPM.
Well, the advice I gave you was a way to get the package build, don’t
know what’s wrong with my explanation, macros such as %configure2_5x are
also made to make your life easier like, not worry if the package is
located in the right place, or has the correct CFLAGS ;)
> In the %files section "%{_libdir}/%{name}" should pick up "%_prefix",
> but it does not. As a result, some files don't get created in two
> directories and the build fails.
> What I'm asking is if there is a difference in how Mandrake handles
> that substitution versus how Fedora handles that. I installed Fedora
> in a VM and the package builds fine on Fedora, but I get the error on
> Madriva. I've examined the .spec file and don't see where there is any
> obvious problem, so I'm seeking some guidance as to where to look
> deeper.
That’s because some of our macros differ from fedora. I don’t know what
macro they use, but assuming they also don’t diverge on their location,
you could try to have a look at /etc/rpm/macros.d/.

Also, as I said, rpm --eval could help you see the difference too :-)
> While I can find lots of (mostly useless) info on RPM building through
> Google, I'm not sure where to look for any Mandriva docs for that, so
> a suggestion for that would be welcome as well.
I just imported http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=spec_syntax if you
want to take a look, the RPM Howto [1] hasn’t been imported yet, would
you like to step up to help us ? :-) It could help you understand the
different sections by reviewing them carefully. Also, since this howto
is designed to help new packagers, it will also help us clarify some
things that may not be as clear as we meant it.


Thanks in advance,

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