[Mageia-discuss] Contributing Howto : need help

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Feb 10 18:53:55 CET 2011

Samuel Verschelde a écrit :
> Le jeudi 10 février 2011 03:06:19, Marek Laane a écrit :
>> 2011/2/10 Thomas Lottmann<skiperdrake at gmail.com>
>>> Le 09/02/2011 21:22, Samuel Verschelde a écrit :
>>>> Le mercredi 9 février 2011 21:20:13, Samuel Verschelde a écrit :
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I was given the task to write a contributing howto, so that we could
>>>>> link to it from the alpha download page (and from other pages if
>>>>> considered useful).
>>>>> However, I'm sure I can delegate this task so that I can keep working
>>>>> on other matters.
>>>>> That's why I'm sending this to the mailing list : what should we say in
>>>>> this page, what layout, etc. ? If someone wants to propose a detailed
>>>>> outline for such a page that we could discuss, it would greatly help !
>>>>> Thanks in advance.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Samuel
>>>> I forgot to say what was implicit for me but could have to be precised :
>>>> this
>>>> is meant to be the starting point for people wanting to help, whatever
>>>> their
>>>> skills. The goal is probably to explain what kind of help people can
>>>> give, then explain how they can give this help once they have chosen one
>>>> or several
>>>> areas of interest.
>>>> Samuel
>>> I have started to work on this on the Mandriva wiki, still in french, and
>>> I could not finish it yet in french. But the basics are there. Perhaps we
>>> could use this in the next wiki for Mageia and complete it for every
>>> language.
>>> http://wiki.mandriva.com/fr/Les_diff%C3%A9rentes_fa%C3%A7ons_de_contribue
>>> r
>>> Thomas.
>> A good template may also be GNOME's site http://live.gnome.org/JoinGnome.
>>   It seems to cover all possible themes shortly and mattef-of-factly,
>>   though, of course, content could and should be different. OTOH Mandriva's
>>   site is visually more attractive.
> Would someone want to start a quick "how to contribute" page (which can be
> refined later) so that we have something for alpha release, so ideally before
> the end of this week-end ?
> Samuel

I took a quick look at Thomas' page and it is quite impressive.  No 
doubt it could be improved/elaborated somewhat, but translated in its 
present form (with references to Mandriva replaced by Mageia, of course) 
would make an excellent contribution for the alpha release.
(Since the alpha is basically a test, it doesn't have to be perfect.)
(A plus is we will already have a version in french as well.)


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