[Mageia-discuss] Contributing Howto : need help

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Feb 10 19:03:15 CET 2011

Oliver Burger a écrit :
> Hoyt Duff<hoytduff at gmail.com>  schrieb am 2011-02-10
>> The initial paragraph translates as:
>> Mandriva Linux is a free operating system.
>> ...
>> To me, this does not fully explain the use of "free" in the context
>> of Mandriva/Magia. This topic (free as in beer/free as in freedom)
>> is always one of much debate in any FOSS community.  I propose:
>> Mandriva Linux is an operating system based primarily on Open
>> Source code and licensed in a way to provide users and developers
>> with greater freedom than proprietary, restricted code.  It can be
>> modified and improved by its users and members of the community of
>> this system. The spirit of this system is summarized in a
>> manifesto.
> I think that's a problem you get through the translation. I'm quite
> sure Thomas used the french word "libre" which doesn't have the
> distinction in "free as in beer/free as in freedom".

I agree.  No ambiguity in French.  (being fluent in English & French)
Note that google translations are often extremely poor, due to misplaced 

> I'm afraid it's only in English and German where you do have that
> double meaning. As far as I know, the french word "libre" can be
> translated in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese in the same way without
> getting any double meaning.

That is my understanding as well.

> Your workarround isn't reading that nicely. It shows that you were
> trying to work arround something.
> I think it's the job of the different translation teams (and we do have
> an English team) to find the right words to describe what they really
> mean.
> Perhaps - in English - it would be better to say:
> Mandriva Linux is a free and open source operating system. It can be
> freely modified and improved by its users and members of the community
> of this system.

Much better :)

> After all the "Free Software Foundation" doesn't call itself
> "Foundation for Software licensed in a way to..."
> Oliver


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