[Mageia-discuss] A name for mageia-app-db

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Fri Feb 11 20:01:23 CET 2011

Le jeudi 10 février 2011 23:58:12, Samuel Verschelde a écrit :
> As Marcello pointed out, mageia-app-db is not the best name we can find for
> our application database.
> So let's try to find one :)
> Some constraints :
> - preferably a name without "Mageia" in it. Why ? Because this tool could
> be used for various distributions. Of course, the Mageia instance will
> have Mageia's logo and name on it (and we are creating it as a part of the
> Mageia project), but if someday another distribution wants to use it, it
> will feel weird to have Mageia in the application name. In fact, I already
> plan to run instances of the application for opensuse, fedora and mandriva
> (no, nobody asked me to do it, but it will be easy to do, and this will
> help me keep in mind that the application must not entirely depend on
> distribution specific stuff, or only via modules/plugins).
> - a name with a meaning carrying at least some part of the goals of the
> application, but without forgetting that it's still an application (and
> packages) database.
> Some people have already proposed :
> Mageia Find Out
> Mageia Application Database/Discovery/Foundry
> Mageia Application Warehouse/Mall/Store/Shop
> Mageia - Explore Applications
> Mageia - World of Applications
> But other suggestions are still welcome.

There were already various interesting proposals, but they all revolve more or 
less around the "app store" concept, whereas mageia-app-db is not only that : 
it's also meant to help communication betwenn users, testers and packagers 
(mainly via testing requests / backports requests, at first).

Do you think we can add this to the reflexion ?

As a reminder, here is the full record of goals : 

Best regards


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