[Mageia-discuss] A name for mageia-app-db (round 2)

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 13 12:30:50 CET 2011

2011/2/13 Rob Thomson <robt at firscot.com>:
> On 13/02/11 01:14, Philippe DIDIER wrote:
> I proposed packalog but if you want to avoid pack in the name we could
> as well try
> appalog (linking with catalog)
> or even
> applogia (not apologia !!!!) or appsologia or applicologia
> building it the same way as science or discuss about something
> (eco-logia, psycho-logia, etc...) not very nice for a linguist because
> being an hybrid of latin and greek roots (nevertheless quite easy to
> understand)
> it ends nearly the same as mageia (and is pronounced the same way...)
> logismikologia would be more canonical (using only greek roots) but less
> understandable
> Making hybrids from english and greek may push a linguist to hara-kiri
> (or indeed seppuku 切腹) but is quite funny :
> softologia softolog and may be understood by everybody !
> How about - "App(lication) - Buffet" or perhaps "Soft(ware) - Buffet" maybe
> just "Mageia Buffet"
> In the context of food people get to pick and choose from a variety of
> offerings and perhaps comment about
> their choices at the table.
> Also the word "Buffet" is I believe relevant across a variety of languages.

Agreed. The word is positive and does not have commercial relations.
It's also a synonym for meeting people, informal environment, etc.


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