[Mageia-discuss] Colour palette for Mageia artwork

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Sun Feb 13 13:20:40 CET 2011


> I have some ideas, but the resource given doesn't let me select only
> my 2 colours, and trying 3 (ignoring the middle colour) didn't work
> very well with my mouse and level of manual dexterity.
> (The "clickable link" didn't work for me either, but maybe I tried
> the wrong link.)

It´s a drawback that it doesn´t allow you to use the keyboard instead
of the mouse, true - it´s just a resource for looking at colours in a
complementary or analogic way, keeping in mind that we´re in need of
sets of colours for web pages, wallpapers, icon sets, all sorts.

> I think that these 2 base colours would be very good together :
> #0066aa (a blue similar to that of Mandriva) and
> #00cc00 (a light green).

Something like this: http://colorschemedesigner.com/#3qd1-tZttK-MP ?

Check out all the variants - you can make changes to individual colours
in the variants and look at them in use on the dark page/light page tab.

> The effect of these 2 colours together would be very different from 
> those of Mandriva.  The green is a refreshing colour that would be
> good as the main colour, as an accent, or shared on par with the blue.
> If one of the colours is to be an accent, I would rather it were the
> blue. If only one of the colours is selected, I would prefer the
> light green.

I´d take a different shade of green (personal preference only!) - say
#00ff00, and a greyer shade of blue like alexn has been using, say:


> As well, I hope you stay away from selecting (ugly) red/brown colours.

It´s a different thing to use a red/brown/yellow as an accent (say 10%
or less of the colour on the page) than to use it as a main colour -
there are a couple of pinks in that last colour set, but you´d hardly
use them except to highlight things, if at all.

Looking for more input, please folks!


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