[Mageia-discuss] Questions & suggestions about the drakrpm-edit-media-alike tool amongst stuff concerning the installation of Mageia

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Mon Feb 14 07:31:36 CET 2011

Kristoffer Grundström a écrit :
> If there will be a tool similar to rpmdrake to install
> libs/programs/games/ I'd like to suggest "New" features when it comes to
> finding certain software if you don't know where to look.

We are starting with rpmdrake, but there is also a new web-based tool 
being developed called (for the moment) mageia-appdb.
It aims to provide the sorts of choices you mention, and, (if plans 
haven't changed), will link to rpmdrake (or its replacement).
Any suggestions you have are welcome, as there are many who want to 
improve rpmdrake.  There has been a lot of related discussion.

> The categories on the left shows a lot of info, but I really miss
> subcategories that makes it even easier to find it.

They are still there, as of Mandriva 2010.2, the base for the initial 
Mageia release.

> It'll be something similar to THIS:
> P2P-programs -> Sharing -> Linuxdcpp
> Is it going to be possible to filter out if you don't want to SEE the
> libs when you search for programs & games?
> Just to hide them.

Filtering is a natural addition.  It would be nice to also have the 
option of limiting searching to a package group, which would help solve 
the problem.  (P2P programs should be in the network/file_transfer 
group, some 10 pages of packages.)
Most libraries are in the System/Library group.  (At least shared 
As well, mageia-appdb has the concept of applications, which should 
ignore libraries.  Unfortunately there is no clear, unambiguous means of 
determining what should be considered an "application""  Some users will 
include only graphical packages, and others would want to include 
console program packages.  Many library packages include executable 
console programs.
We could also add tags, to complement package groups.
Adding a combination of filtering/selection factors will help solve your 
(and many other's) problem.

> One last thing.
> When adding sources either via MCC (or the similar tool in Mageia) or
> from the installation of Mageia it would be great if you could choose IF
> you want to add Debug, Testing, Backports-medias instead of getting them
> automatically when you click on Add complete sources in
> drakrpm-edit-media (or similar tool in Mageia). Not all users intend to
> use Debug-packages all the time. I'd like the possibility to add
> Debug-medias afterwards if I haven't done that before. There's no such
> option so you have to remove all current sources to add them. I DO know
> that you can use Terminal/Console/Shell to add debug-medias as well, but
> I'm talking graphically now.

Actually the current (Mandriva) approach is probably optimal.  All 
repositories of the release are added, but all debug, testing, and 
backport repositories are disabled by default.  (I believe non-free as 
well.)  So if one wants to use such repositories, they can be readily 
activated, otherwise they will be silently ignored.
If you want, you can always delete repositories which you are sure you 
don't want, which will make your repository list shorter.  But otherwise 
have no effect.
Be sure you don't delete release, update, or backport repositories. 
Updates should always be activated for security reasons, the others are 
likely to be useful, sooner or later.
Repositories are configurable in rpmdrake under options > Software_media.
The left-most checkbox activates/deactivates the particular repository.

> Take care & have a lovely day.
> /Kristoffer


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