[Mageia-discuss] First impressions

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Tue Feb 15 08:12:41 CET 2011

Wolfgang Bornath skrev 15.2.2011 07:56:
> ** license text is in English, a German version was available, maybe
> it was copyrighted to Mandriva?

The license text has also been updated/cleaned IIRC so old translations
might not match anymore...

> **  no proprietary driver on the DVD - this was expected, no cardiac
> arrest here.
> **** BIG PROBLEM: no driver for the Wifi chip (system recognizes the
> AR9285 Atheros), so no wireless internet connection unless you use a
> cable for eth connection. Same problem as with the Free Edition of
> Mandriva: you can't use it if you have no cable connection to your
> router.

Jep. nothing from nonfree was added to theese DVDs.
IIRC in your case getting kernel-firmware-extra from nonfree is all that 
should be needed.

> System uses a default KDE splash, the desktop comes up very fast. AND I LOVE IT!
> The desktop background is totally black, no picture, no color (don't
> be pedantic about black being a color or not).

Yeah, it's a small problem at this point...

but you can fix it easily for now by running this command as root:

sh /usr/share/bootsplash/scripts/switch-themes Mageia-Default

> Conclusion:
> As for a "not-for-use" Alpha it is a very good one!

for an initial alpha1 its very nice...

> Thx to all devels and all the other never-to-be-mentioned people who
> helped giving Mageia such a good start!
> Good job, folks!

Yeah, people have been doing a great work so far...
Big thanks to all...


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