[Mageia-discuss] Switzerland Mirror Switch.ch

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Thu Feb 17 19:48:25 CET 2011

 >> Well, in fact, given the way tcp work, I do not see how it could
 >> suffer from a transmission problem.

Tcp corrects errors with a certain likelyhood. I do not know what 
CRC-something is used by ftp - for CRC-16, depending on the type of 
error and the package length, probablilities are smaller than 10 power 
-6 (I did these figures many years back, rapid googling does not provide 
any evident figures). Anyhow, with this order of magnitude, and with the 
100 M bytes(!) of a typical largish package, the probability of 
receiving an apparently good package which after all is not so good is 
non-negligeable. Doing another check at the application level therefore 
may be of substantial merit. Would be good to get input from somebody 
who is more competent.

 >>I think the instruction for now are only for cauldron

That is what I thought. "Production mirrors" like Switch may be 
reluctant to deviate from their ordinary schedule of 24 hours.

I think that the request should be formulated in a subtle way: avoid 
that a reject on cauldron terms implies a reject for production mirror 
requirements - and a mirror for the stable release is the essential 
issue, the stable release Mageia should be present at all major mirror, 
that is the priority (cauldron could probably live with a reduced number 
of mirrors). But the present pre-release of Mageia is a special case: 
there exists no stable alternative, and the initial pre-releases have a 
vital interest of being easily accessible. But I am doing what should 
not be done: risk to create a problem by talking about it (-


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