[Mageia-discuss] Automatic selection of uid and gid at installation

Rémi Verschelde rverschelde at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 11:11:18 CET 2011

2011/2/20 Juergen Harms <Juergen.Harms at unige.ch>:
> On 02/19/2011 09:28 PM, James Kerr wrote:

> 2. The "advanced" option evidently is a possibility - I consider it slightly
> annoying, a radio-button would make life easier - respecting the same
> sequence of defining users is no problem. In fact, what I presently do is, I
> initially define a dummy user during system install with whatever system
> install creates as ids, and than use MCC to set up the real users; but that
> illustrates the point: the radio-button proposal would make this less time
> consuming.
> I do not see a problem for newby users - the radiobutton can be defaulted to
> 500 (or whatever is considered as "normally needed") - a newby anyhow
> normally leaves things at default - and it would be easy to add a clarifying
> comment (of help)

Since there's no uniformity on this point in the Linux world,  I think
that the radiobutton would just be a bother for newbies. The process
you described is not so time consuming I think (to create a UID 500
and then to create manually users with the right UIDs in MCC), and it
avoids a potential frustration to the end-user of having left a
radio-button on its default value without understanding its meaning.

It appears that the UID can already be chosen manually through an
"advanced options" button. Which user would want to set his UIDs
manually but would be scared of clicking "advanced options" ?


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