[Mageia-discuss] Copy the iso to a usb, failed to boot

Anne nicolas ennael1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 15:07:50 CET 2011

Le 20 févr. 2011 14:59, "Dimitrios Glentadakis" <dglent at gmail.com> a écrit :
> As i dont have any dvd r disk here, i wanted to install the iso in a usb
stick (to boot with)
> I use this command:
> dd if=mageia-dvd-1-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdc1
> After reboot it does nt boot in the usb, i putted the USB storage in 1st
priority in bios boot menu without succes
> I thought if is a problem of the folder in usb. I mean the files of the
iso are nt in the first level of the root (in usb) but in a second folder:
> [dglent at localhost media]$ cd 1-x86_64/x86_64/
> [dglent at localhost x86_64]$ ls
> install/  isolinux/  media/  misc/  pkg-1-cantine.idx  product.id  VERSION
> the files require to be in the first level of the folder ?

no you have to keep it in second level as this washington checked in
isolinux to allow dual arch iso to work
this will beynes changer when we update to version 4.* of syslinux

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> Dimitrios Glentadakis
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