[Mageia-discuss] Organization for local communites

Lucas.Betschart at crypto.ch Lucas.Betschart at crypto.ch
Tue Feb 22 13:08:59 CET 2011

			>I'd like to ask if will be a section in mageia.org for local 
			>communities or will remain the same way as in forum.mandriva.com with 
			>redirections to the locale forums (except french that is     
			>integrated in the official forum)
			>What will be the needs for a local community ?
			>The wiki will be in the mageia.org, the central page (blog) will be translated as now, so we will need only a forum and/or a blog (for announces,articles about local 					events/issues) ?
		> I like this idea. Then not every community needs to have their own webspace / server. All donations for the full infrastructur would go directly to the mageia association, not to 		the local communities.
		> Also it would be clear for new user where to find help in every 
		> language. And there will be one "official" community (having more then 
		> 1 board for the same project is waste of knowhow, time, money etc.)

	In general I agree to your points. Centralizing but at the same time preserving the room for all local communities to extend to their own capabilities and taste.

	But at the same time there may be already existing local communities who would like to "do their own style" - no problem, they can still be a part of the overall Mageia world.

	As for donations, it is something different. We want local communities to be active in their area, to organize and/or participate in local events, start local actions, etc. This costs 	money (I know it, been there). We have to give those community room for that. And btw: we can not tell donators who they have to give their donations to :)


I thought you as mandrivauser.de administrator will answer me :)
Mandrivauser.de is a good example to demonstrate what I mean. Soon after the announcement of mageia some german people found an mageia board, and called them self the first german mageia community or something like this. So we already have (had? I don't know if that board still exists) 2 boards, 2 communitys. Waste of knowhow, time, money..

I'd like to see something like ubuntuuser.de for the whole community in all languages. Blog, Portal, Board and Wiki integrated.

Defining a local community should happen throught engagement (in local events, activ writing in board/wiki/blogs etc.). This is possible with centralised and non-centralised community.

Sry for this formatting. I have to use outlook..

Lucas Betschart

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