[Mageia-discuss] Organization for local communites

Catalin Florin RUSSEN cfrussen at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 13:26:51 CET 2011

> I'd like to ask if will be a section in mageia.org for local communities or 
>will  remain the same way as in forum.mandriva.com with redirections to the 
>locale  forums (except french that is integrated in the official forum)

I think that it's important for a community to have a central gathering point, 
in our case: www.mageia.org
As we're from all the corners of the world, it's nice so that everyone could 
have a custom gathering point (ex. the site's localization in all those 
I think, if you look at it like a service offered, mageia.org must offer a 
standard package that includes website, forum, blog, wiki and mailing list in 
localized languages. For most of us is enough and we know when we're donating 
money for what we're doing it (infrastructure cost are also covered).

> What will  be the needs for a local community ?
> The wiki will be in the mageia.org, the  central page (blog) will be translated 
>as now, so we will need only a forum  and/or a blog (for announces,articles 
>about local events/issues)  ?

That's a good question. What a local community needs could be that the "standard 
package" do not satisfy them?
The only thing I can think of is if the local community intend to keep its own 
fanzine/magazine/gazette, its own package repositories or translations (ex. 
specific translations that do not fit/agree with the upstream). But once again, 
it'll be better to concentrate the effort and publish this in English so that 
all Mageia community may benefit.

It's better to stay united, it's easier for the project governance and overview. 
Doing things locally brakes this unity and make forks and separation much 

For Mandriva it's different because they have a business model based on 
franchise, letting local partners to organize things in their own way, based on 
Mandriva's products and support. This is not the case here to justify separated 
local Mageia communities. But I may be wrong...

Best regards,
Florin Catalin RUSSEN
Romanian Translation Team


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