[Mageia-discuss] Attention, please

André Machado afmachado at dcemail.com
Wed Feb 23 20:28:45 CET 2011

Well, more precisely, what do you have in mind ?

Currently, I'm thinking in two main goals:

I. Create a website where:

    a. we can promote RPM-based distros usage to general public;

    b. users of these distros can give and receive free communitary
       support from other users (like a social network);

    c. developers can share your knowledge and resources. This can be
       done with creation of a knowledge base and git-like repository;

    d. users can make donations to your preferred distros and projects;

    e. we can help independent developers to packing your applications.

But, before this is done, it's necessary that we achieve another goal:

II. Make agreement with main RPM distros to standardization:

    a. Standardize naming and versioning of packages
          Nowadays, it's common that, in one distro, a package be called
          'samba' and, in another, 'smb'. Thus, if we try install a
          package made for the first one in the second, we can break
          dependence tree. Standardizing the naming and the versioning
          would solve this issue. Comnpatibility with current distro
          versions could be achieved by dummy packages.

    b. Standardize file locations
          Even if you can install a package made for a distro to another
          without breaking the dependency tree, can occur in the
          application does not find the libraries or configuration files
          that need, being necessary to create symbolic links to them.
          Standardize the location of these files would solve the problem.
          Comnpatibility with current and old distro versions could be
          achieved by symlinks created automatically during install.

    c. Standardize init scripts
          By similar reasons.

Of course, this won't be easy, but let's intone this slogan: "Pack once, install

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