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Fri Feb 25 13:56:18 CET 2011

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I have been wanting such a feature for a long time and have quite a bit played around with possible approaches.

I agree with many things said

- Such a tool can substantially shorten the time needed for customizing an out-of-the-box system.

- A tool is better implemented as an pure application - outside of the framework of the core programs of a specific distro (I tried the toy-tools I had made also on, for instance) - so "doing something" is not necessarily tied to Mageia-1.

- As to the list of items mentioned by Luc, there are three groups: OS customisation (for instance customizing files such as /etc/hosts or /etc/rsyncd.conf), application customisation (examples from Luc) and desktop customisation. OS customisation essentially is applying scripts
- easy to do. Application customisation requires working on support files of the applications (such as .libreoffice/1/user/gallery) - less easy (often the use of template files is a good approach), desktop is essentially like applications but still more complicated - taking the example of the configuration files of kde4 illustrates that complicated may mean messy.

- I have done some prototype building - essentially I ended up with a GUI in support of 2 different types of tools - user controlled execution of scripts, and plugins for tools for specific tasks - such as editing the boot menu. That is a toy, but it allows to get a feeling for the problem, and - maybe - pieces of code could be used. You can have a look at
(page 41 and on - it is in German, but the screenshots illustrate quite well how such a tool can look like). I dont suggest to use this in reply to Lucs suggestion - I propose to use it as a potential starting  point in case of an "ok, I will write this piece of code" . And, I dont think that "I will" is the right approach, there need to be more than 1 - not only to split the work, but also to have controversy and discussions about what the gadget should look like.


Nice worke, but the GUI looks realy ugly on the screenshots :p.. I don't like Tk.

I was thinking about a less technical tool. For common user who just wants to configure the standard things we all do when setting up a new system/account.

For a new tool I would use Perl/Gtk, because then one could use some MCC modules e.g. for adding printers.

My perl skills are ok, but I got no Gtk experince, just ugly Tk. But if some people (you? and others?) are interested in making such a tool/wizzard, we could discuss more details on a new ML maybe.

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