[Mageia-discuss] SSL certificate on mageia websites

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Wed Mar 2 23:57:31 CET 2011


The SSL certificates used on the following websites has been updated :
 - https://bugs.mageia.org
 - https://epoll.mageia.org
 - https://identity.mageia.org
 - https://ml.mageia.org
 - https://transifex.mageia.org

We are now using a wildcard certificate signed by Gandi, which should be
recognized by most web browsers. Fingerprint of the new certificate :
SHA1 Fingerprint=7F:80:39:35:36:E4:1F:CB:2F:E2:F5:E8:CE:B7:42:93:51:33:77:B9

Let us know if you notice any problem.

Temporary wiki and mailman on https://www.mageia.org/ are still using a
self signed certificate as it is still hosted on PLF servers. The new
certificate will be used when they have been moved to Mageia servers.


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