[Mageia-discuss] User interface to the network control center

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Fri Mar 4 10:28:54 CET 2011

I delayed this issue for quiet times - this may be a good moment:

When configuring / (dis)connecting a wlan interface, the user interface 
to the network control center is not as "bright" as it could be: the 
user does not get enough feedback on the success of what he wants to be 

When you connect or dis-connect a wlan interface, a small 
"(dis)connecting" window pops up, and after some labour disappears again 
- that is all. The user would expect:

  - that the icon in the "Wireless (Wifi)... " line (1st line of the
    "wlan" section of the display be updated (icon with the red
    checkbox if disconnected, transmitter icon if connected),

  - the label of the "Connect/Disconnect" button (right bottom below
    the display of available interfaces) be updated to reflect the
    new state,

  - the antenna-icon the selected line of the available interfaces be
    updated (there is also some background shading that reflects the
    state of the connection and is not updated).

The popup window just goes away and leaves the display as it was before 
asking to change the state of the connection - the only way to verify 
success is to stop the network control center and launch it again - when 
it comes up again it will show the correct state.

Is this a bug to be filed? - the network control center does not have a 
dys-function, but the user-interface "is wrong" (or is this a question 
of personal taste?)

There is also a secondary issue with the choice of the icons: the 
"disconnected" icon is a transmitter with a single circle, the 
"connected" icon has several circles - all in light shades, not very 
well to discriminate form the lightly shaded background.

Yet another improvement would be if the yellow popup you get when 
hovering over the network icon in the system tray would not only 
indicate details of the wired connection, but also those of a connected 
wlan - or is this an "upstream" issue? - and it is a clear wish for an 

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