[Mageia-discuss] Watching the mirror grow

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Mon Mar 7 13:17:31 CET 2011

I have made a small script that prints a list of packages recently added 
to the mirror (it does lftp -ls on the .../core/release directory of a 
mirror and displays the names of all rpms that have a creation date 
later than a given reference date). That helps to rapidly get informed 
on "what is new".

Its nice and fun to use (and should not create much load on the server) 
- but in spite of specifying a recent reference date - it creates quite 
some output. Default reference date is Feb 15 12h00 (the date when the 
iso was defined), default mirror the Erfurt mirror of Wobo - but you can 
change this with command-line arguments (there is also a --help 
argument). If you want, you can fetch it from


Here is an example of using it

<harms at ltjuergen mageia> ./rpmdates.pl --time "7 mar"
Reference time = 03/07/11 00:00:00
Mirror = 
Mar 7 02:29    choqok
Mar 7 02:29    choqok-devel
Mar 7 04:09    devil-utils
Mar 7 09:01    jsch
    ... and so on

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