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on Mon, 14 Mar 2011 08:36
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Maarten Vanraes wrote:

> Op zondag 13 maart 2011 18:30:24 schreef Wolfgang Bornath:
>> 2011/3/13 Remco Rijnders <remco-
BFHUS2cQccxcKrbEW9aRdA at public.gmane.org>:
>> > Would now not be an appropiate time to create a mailinglist where 
>> > can ask for help and support each other? I know that no official 
>> > has been made yet, heck, we're waiting for Alpha 2 still, but it seems
>> > like there is enough traffic that would be appropiate for such a list
>> > already.
>> The user forum is about to be opened. It will be a main english forum
>> for all people worldwide, it will also be ready to host
>> languages-specific forums. As with Mandriva the forum will be the
>> place to support each other, ask and answer questions, discuss ideas,
>> suggestions, improvements.
>> We should wait how the users will welcome this, if there will still be
>> a need for an additional mailing list I think there's no problem to
>> have one.
> wasn't there some kind of forum/mailing list gateway?

It is also easy to read via a mailing list to news gateway.  
Gmane.org.  Writing is a bit harder, this is my second attempt.  

blind Pete
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