[Mageia-discuss] How much space for Mageia?

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 17 04:43:10 CET 2011

Normally I don't care for space, harddisks are huge these times.
But I also have a netbook with a small 4GB SSD inside. Before
yesterday I had Mandriva 2010.1 on that disk, KDE with all kinds of
things, The Gimp, OpenOffice, etc. It fitted in 2.9 GB and I used a
16GB usb key for data storage.

Now I installed Mageia and I was surprised - I went to "Custom" in the
DE selection, marked all the usual things in the package group
selection and the system told me I do not have enough space - it
wanted to use 3.6GB!

I had to uncheck a lot of things I usually had on that little bugger
to be able to install Mageia. Then I started updating - again, in the
middle of the process the system complained about missing space. Now I
am stripping the installation of most things (all the plasma-applets,
digikam, libreoffice, etc.) to be able to use the system.

And the best of all: after removing all those applications it tells me
that I can use "auto-orphans" - I scanned the list of "orphaned"
packages and I find such things like cups-common, gcc, binutils,
cmake, etc.

And I still have 3.1GB used space!

What makes Mageia so large compared to current Mandriva?


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