[Mageia-discuss] Poll: Which Desktop Environment will you be using on Mageia?

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Thu Mar 24 16:14:33 CET 2011

Quote: Oliver Burger wrote on Thu, 24 March 2011 15:54

> So why take the time and effort to create and manage such a poll?

The time and effort to set up the poll was next to zero, if you have ever
set up a poll in any forum you would know how easy it is.

So worst case too few people vote and the results will be useless, best
case enough people vote to give a representative overview of user

Personally I think it's interesting to see how popular the less popular DEs
are among Mageia users, it's obvious that KDE4 will get the most votes, but
it's the votes for the other DEs that are more interesting.

If the poll gets enough votes to be representative then results could for
example be used to decide which alternative DEs should get a (unofficial)
Live CD release (apart from KDE4 and Gnome).

Also not all packagers package up only what interests them, some (many?)
package up stuff for others too, even if they don't personally use it, so
again if the poll gets enough votes it could help packagers decide what to
package up next.

So far 10 people have voted:

I would say that if we reach 50-100 votes in the next few days then the
results can be considered meaningful.

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