[Mageia-discuss] Poll: Which Desktop Environment will you be using on Mageia?

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Fri Mar 25 22:04:03 CET 2011

Quote: Lawrence A Fossi wrote on Fri, 25 March 2011 21:29

> I didn't bother to reset my password, I just highlighted
> tux99's link where he says 10 people voted right-clicked
> and opened in a new tab..it let me vote..I guess if I wanted
> to vote more than once I might have to do so.

That's because you are already an active user of the ML gateway forum, so
of course you don't need to reset your password! :)

The password reset procedure is only necessary for anyone who has never
used the ML gateway forum before.

But I assure you that you can't vote twice (unless there is a bug in the
forum software that I'm unaware of).

Mageia ML Forum Gateway: http://mageia.linuxtech.net/forum/

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