[Mageia-discuss] Petit mousse au rapport !

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Thu Apr 7 17:23:32 CEST 2011

Practically you are saying: Mageia has successfully accomplished its 
first milestone - a small team has produced a high-quality release. Now 
comes the second one - harness the community to keep it running and make 
it grow.

I am one of those who signed up and, so far has not "delivered" - the 
reasons, as I understand them, may apply to other users: the 
organisation of future Mandriva activities into teams is great, nothing 
to say to that. But I wonder whether the titles defined for the teams 
are a sufficient roster when it comes to members of the community to 
judge where they fit in - how to best make a match between their 
competences and the requirements enumerated by Romain and Wobo.

Example 1: I had signed up for QA - thought that my generalist knowledge 
and being a long standing and critical user would be sufficient as a 
qualification - after a first dicussion I got cold feet and concluded 
that I do not qualify - maybe right, maybe wrong. I would like to have 
have a yardstick to allow a more objective assessment.

Example 2: Web-team - what does that mean, what skills is Mandriva 
looking for? content-oriented skills (producing kilometers of text on 
such and such), technical skills (building, enhancing the 
infrastructure), PR skills (using the web for selling the good news 
about Mageia)?

Some suggestions (sorry - more work for the existing team):
- Remaining in the roster of team titles: write a couple of lines that 
allow community members to judge whether they can contribute to a team 
or not
- Complement the team-name roster by a skill roster - by list of 
activities that need to be done, requiring certain skills - that may end 
up in channeling people into specific teams.
- Probably also consider some kind of "interviewing", a dialogue between 
a "recruiter" and a "candidate" where both sides can clarify whether 
there is match between the required and offered profile.

That may sound administrative and over-formal - I think it is a way to 
bootstrap the "community network" that an outfit like Mageia needs in 
order to prosper. There is need for a second round - the first was hands 
up for documenting willingness to help, the second one needs some kind 
of recruitement mechanism to match need and offered skills.

Personally, I will try yet another approach: write to Wobo&Cie and do 
"inverse interviewing" ask them for feedback.

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