[Mageia-discuss] [Mageia-dev] Live CDs available for tests

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Fri Apr 29 19:49:15 CEST 2011

2011/4/29 Chris Evans <z3r0_k00l75 at yahoo.com>:
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> 2011/4/29 You-Cheng Hsieh <yochenhsieh at gmail.com>:
>> It's always a good thing to have different ways to use/install a
>> distribution, and people can choose the way which suits their needs.
> That's certainly true, for some people and under some circumstances
> LiveCDs are important, for others they are just nice to have, for yet
> another group they are not necessary at all.
> So let's do a little "I'm happy about the Beta2 Live CDs" dance! :)
> --
> Any plans for x64 live cd's?
Some have been built but still some serious issues as too big isos.
And we will propose it only if we can have ressources enough to have
QA on it. No question to release untested isos. Adding 64 bits isos
will be 6 more isos


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