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magnus magnus.mud at googlemail.com
Sat May 21 14:20:12 CEST 2011

Excuse my late response. In the night (in still today)  I had a problem with
the size of the output (inline) and googlemail.
Now I had to look for in the jungle of my maschines and installations :-(

And now the important things:

Different output from urpmi and mcc:

[root at tux_edge magnus]# LC_ALL=C urpmi laptop-mode-tools
In order to satisfy the 'bluez-pin|bluez-pin|
bluedevil|gnome-bluetooth|gnome-bluetooth' dependency, one of the following
packages is needed:
 1- gnome-bluetooth-2.32.0-2.mga1.x86_64: GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem (to
 2- bluez-pin-0.30-11.mga1.x86_64: Bluetooth PIN GUI (to install)
What is your choice? (1-2) 2
Some requested packages cannot be installed:
mageia-kde4-config-common-1-6.mga1.noarch (trying to promote
kde4-config-file, kde4-config-file)
netbook-kde4-config-1-6.mga1.noarch (due to unsatisfied
mageia-kde4-config-common[*], trying to promote kde4-config-file,
Continue installation anyway? (Y/n) n
[root at tux_edge magnus]#

Output from mcc is too great (90K) to send
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