[Mageia-discuss] Easyurpmi forMageia ?

Daniel Le Berre le.berred at free.fr
Sun May 22 10:21:56 CEST 2011

Le 22/05/2011 09:42, Luca Olivetti a écrit :
> Al 22/05/11 05:51, En/na Wolfgang Bornath ha escrit:
>> My reason was not to add PLF or any other repo (MUD or other). My main
>> reason was my dislike of the %MIRRORLIST system of Mandriva, you could
>> get connected to a very slow mirror or even to one which was not
>> uptodate without urpmi being able to switch to another mirror during
>> one session (a known bug).
> Same here, I *never* managed to upgrade the distribution, without
> using easyurpmi with manual mirror selection (the upgrade tool just removed
> the existing sources and always failed to add new ones).
> Bye

I used easyurpmi for a while, mainly to add PLF sources, or to specify a
specific mirror when there was some mirroring problems in MDV (hdlist
not synced with repository content for instance).

As noted previously, the PLF issue does not hold for MGA.

It is probably worth improving the way the current media manager is
working than add yet another tool to the distrib.

We could have for instance checkboxes when importing media sources with:

- select mirror: by default let the media manager find a mirror for you,
else select one in a list
- include tainted: by default disable access to tainted repository. Warn
the user about the content of those repositories.

The main point is that people often do not know about the media manager.
Maybe a button to that tool directly in the update app would give it
more visibility, instead of looking into it on the package manager menu.
Or maybe it should be an app on its own.


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