[Mageia-discuss] Upgrade fail on both i586 and x86_64

magnus magnus.mud at googlemail.com
Sun May 22 13:38:40 CEST 2011

2011/5/22 Juergen Harms <Juergen.Harms at unige.ch>

> Would it be worth the while to draft a short Mdva 2010.2-to-Mageia1
> migration memo (enumerating known problems, listing hardware where an
> update-install is not recommended; from my experience: suggest that
> customized
> kde user-environments might be re-done using "mv .kde4 sv_kde4)?

I think this is an good idea.
I think an other problem is the replacement of the proprietary drivers (I
had a prob with nvidia96)

Another point the the automatic for setting the repos.

Normally I install first from dvd, reboot, add repos and the do the update.
This seems not good for the upgrade.
Because without updating during the upgrade there are no repos set (only

The repos should be set independent from update during installation.

What hapens with plf repos? (I think each normal system has them)

The routine for setting the repos should look for plf and then activate

Perhaps generate an automatic "urpmi -qa | mdv /plf)" to get a standard file
for missing packages.
So everyone can send it to mageia.org.

In the evening a will test an upgrage of an komplete 2010.2 (with plf, some
muldimedia stuff, proprietary GeForce) on an KDE x86_64 system.
I think rather near by an enviroments of an simple user.
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