[Mageia-discuss] User support mailing list?

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 4 13:11:28 CEST 2011

1. First I want to get rid of these all-time arguments against forums:
"A posting in the forum gets off my radar screen when I am not
constantly monitoring the forum, while a mail in the mailing list
stays there." and "I will see all mail topics in the list but I do not
have the time to search all sections of the forum for unanswered/new

Both are caused by wrong handling of a forum. In the forum you can
always view "Active topics" - you don't have to go through the whole
forum to search for new posts, they are marked as new. You do not lose
sight of such posts because they will only vanish to the 2nd page of
the list of "Active topics". So where is the difference to a mailing
list in this context?

2. Michael showed some figures. These are normal. You will get much
less user support questions in this list than in the forum. This list
here lives not from user support requests but from discussions about
Mageia in general. It also lives from all the experienced people here,
including the packagers, developpers, founders, etc.  Now what would a
nes support mailing list have except the user support requests and a
handful of people who care about giving support? All the other people
who are here now, will not automatically be available in a new support
And those who are inot user communication and support mostly are
already in the forum.

3. History: What happened to teh MandrakeLinux mailing lists after the
international forum was opened to everybody? The lists died away.

So, in the end I am not against such a support list but I do not see
the necessity.


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