[Mageia-discuss] LXDM installation aside of GDM

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On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 5:37 PM, Renaud MICHEL
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> On jeudi 09 juin 2011 at 11:10, Daniel Kreuter wrote :
> > i wanted to switch to LXDM (I'm using LXDE so this would fit better than
> > GDM). I found a serious problem for normal users at this point.
> > 1.) After installing the LXDM Package the installer didn't ask me, which
> > Login-Manager i want to use per default. I have 2 installed now, so such
> > a dialog would be nice (If i remember right, Ubuntu has such a dialog)
> You can do it in drakconf, in "Boot" -> "Set up display manager", it should
> show you a list of installed DMs from which you can choose the default.

Ok this works fine. Didn't think about this because I'm not quite used to
Mageia yet, and I wasn't a Mandriva User before.

> > 2) How do i find the source-rpm for LXDM so i can file a bug report for
> > this problem?
> $ rpm -qi lxdm
> should show you a field "Source RPM", but I think an RPM may not show a
> dialog or ask the user for input, all it can do is output some messages,
> for
> example saying that the user should go to drakconf to change the default
> DM.
> But this is more an advanced user topic, as I think it is unlikely that a
> "normal user" will want to install another DM.
I would not say that. You have to expect everything from a "normal user". So
if i install a new Login Manager, f.e. LXDM, and upgrade information would
be nice where the user can get a hint where to change the default one.

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