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>> Is there a? web site that shows the versions of various software
>>> provided with the mageia rpms. For example if I want to check that
>>> libreoffice is included in a gnome cd download and what is the latest
>>> version.
>>> http://sophie.zarb.org/search?search=libreoffice&distribution=Mageia&release=&type=fuzzyname&deptype=P
>> https://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/pub/linux/Mageia/iso/1/mageia-livecd-1-GNOME-africa-india-cdrom-i586.lst
> Thanks, but where are the scientific software, such as R, Gnuplot, OpenDX?
What beranger send you is just the list of packages in the livecd,
here is the list of the whole rpms (for x86_64):

you will see that gnuplot, R (named R-base) and other are on the 
repositories but not in the livecd. But they are there :)


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