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>>Understood, looked at the i586 instead. Suppose a new version of
>>mplayer is released today, how long would it take to appear in the
> A new version of mplayer would not appear as an update to Mageia 1, unless
> it's a security fix or a very critical bugfix.

So it would have to wait to appear in mageia2?

> It would normally appear in Mageia Cauldron, but initially in testing, I
> suppose.
> Other people should tell you how long would it take until it would show up
> in Mageia 1 in backports, not in updates.

What is the difference please between backport and update.

>>Can urpmi be used by the command terminal to upgrade only mplayer? If
>>related library files also need to be upgraded, can urpmi select
>>automatically only those required to run the latest version of
>>mplayer? Or must the entire mageia distribution be upgraded?
> When you urpmi mplayer, supposing a new mplayer package is released, the
> necessary dependencies will also be updated as required.
> If you really want to use the latest packages, and possibly experience some
> breakage, you can switch to Cauldron. This can be done by running as root
> the following 3 commands:

If breakage does occur, how easy would it to revert to the previous
software version?

Should breakages be reported as bugs?

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