[Mageia-discuss] QA team wants testers to help testing update candidates (otherwise : no LTS !)

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Thu Jul 21 14:26:14 CEST 2011

( Please answer only on the qa-discuss at ml.mageia.org mailing list! Join it 
here : https://ml.mageia.org/ )

Hello to everyone,

I've been given the task to gather the QA team members so that we can know who 
we are, how many, etc. In the same time, because I already know that we are 
not very numerous, this is also a call for you to join it if you can devote 
some time to testing future updates to the stable release.

So, the first step we need is for you to join the qa-discuss mailing list, and 
say hello and who you are :)

Also, joining the qa-bugs mailing list is the best way to follow current 
testing, see new updates candidates, etc.

Useful links :
- updates policy : 
- updates testing procedure : 
- list of current update candidates :

The more people we will be in the team, the less each of us will have to do !

This is also very important, because, as I said in the subject of this mail, 
there will be no Long Term Support (LTS) version of Mageia if we already have 
difficulty supporting only 1 release.

Last word, if you are interested in security matters, the security team is 
looking for help too.

P.S. : please forward the call to the forums, your blogs or anywhere else :)

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde

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