[Mageia-discuss] Rearranging partitions

TJ andrewsfarm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 04:21:00 CEST 2011

At the moment, my hard drive setup is like this...

I'd like to move my present Mandriva 2010.2 system partition (sdb1)to a 
different hard drive where my present Mageia system now resides (sda5), 
replace the contents of the present Mageia /home (sda7) with the 
important contents of the present Mandriva /home (sdb6), thus having it 
so I can boot into Mandriva on sda as my backup system. Then, I will do 
a clean install of Mageia on sdb1, leaving my original Mandriva /home 
intact, thus making Mageia my production system.

I want to use sdb6 for my production /home because it is much larger 
than sda7. I suppose I could just switch the two /homes, but that would 
leave system and data on separate drives for both, and a hard drive 
failure would take out both systems. I prefer having system and data on 
the same drive.

Can anybody offer suggestions on how to accomplish this herculean feat 
the easiest way possible? Oh, almost forgot - if it helps I do have an 
external usb drive big enough to back up the important parts of my 
production /home. In fact, that's what I use it for.


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