[Mageia-discuss] Support of Mageia in BigTop

Bruno Mahe bruno.mahe at laposte.net
Fri Aug 26 10:04:19 CEST 2011

On 08/25/2011 01:53 PM, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> 2011/8/14 Bruno Mahe <bruno.mahe at laposte.net>:
>> I don't know how many fans of hadoop there are around here, but I
>> recently added support for Mageia in BigTop. This is not yet checked in
>> and in a release, but it means anyone can now build or install packages
>> for the following projects (descriptions taken from their respective
>> website):
> I know a little bit about Hadoop but BigTop is new to me. I found
> https://github.com/cloudera/bigtop/wiki but it's not quite clear to me
> what I need to do to build a Mageia package. Could you elaborate a bit
> on this subject please?

Hi Reinout,

First of all, BigTop is now an Apache Incubator project. So all
informations are located here:

I also put on the wiki a small faq explaining how to build a component:
But in a nutshell, you should just have to type: "make <component>-rpm"
where component is one of the following value "flume  hadoop  hbase 
hive  oozie  pig  sqoop  whirr  zookeeper"
You could also just type "make rpm" to build RPMs for all the projects.

You will also find a list of dependencies needed to build Hadoop here:
Note Forrest 0.8 (documentation generation tool used by hadoop and pig)
will only work on with a 32bit 1.5 JDK. This should be only needed for
building Hadoop.

And also, in the "test" directory, you will find a testing framework
(along with some tests) to automatically do:
* package testing  (checking files attributes, checking packages
metadata, ensuring service scripts perform as expected...)
* smoke testing to ensure correct basic usage of each component
* integration testing to ensure interoperability between each component

I hope this answer your questions. But feel free to let me know if you
encounter any issue.
Don't hesitate also to join BigTop mailing list.


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