[Mageia-discuss] Mageia Rant ;-)

Donald Stewart watersnowrock at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 10:11:54 CEST 2011

On 3 September 2011 08:37, KevinO <kevin at kevino.org> wrote:
> My new Thinkpad came Friday morning: A T520, quad Core i7, 8GB RAM, 15.6 inch
> screen, built in WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, etc..
> After burning 4 DVDs to create a boot and restore disks for the Win7 Pro and
> other software that came pre-installed, I shrank the main Windows partition down,
> leaving a couple hundred GB of free space for a Linux install.
> I decided it was finally time to give Mageia 1 a try. I burnt a DVD from the x64
> iso and proceeded to install. I chose Gnome over KDE, this time, because of the
> modestly smaller footprint. (I'm comfortable with both)
> With no CLI tweaking at all, I got everything to work... and I mean _everything_.
> Sound and video worked immediately. WiFi worked once I was online and the system
> could fetch the correct driver. (No NDISwrapper wanted nor needed here)
> All of the special buttons work. The WiFi toggle button, the volume buttons, mute
> button, sleep mode button. I fired up Firefox and browsed using WiFi to my music
> server. Selecting an album to play, I found that the buttons to pause, skip
> tracks forwards and backwards, and stop, all worked correctly with the default
> movie player.
> Making the Bluetooth mouse work required merely using Gnome's Bluetooth config
> tool and pairing the devices. Poof! The mouse was working too. No hand editing of
> Xorg.conf!
> CPU speed-stepping works. Sleep mode kicks in if I either close the lid or press
> the sleep button, and comes back up correctly later. Pressing the lock button
> locks the screen, causing the usual login prompt to appear. Scrolling works in
> both axis if I slide my finger along the edge of the track pad.
> I've done a lot of Linux installs, but I've never seen this much hardware work
> right-out-of-the-box on any machine, let alone a laptop. The Win7 side couldn't
> see the Bluetooth mouse without the driver CD, but Mageia 1 had it covered. Amazing.
> Tis truly a sweet machine with a very sweet Linux install.
> Long Live Urpmi!
> --
> KevinO

Glad to hear it. Same story for me with my laptop, well any computer I
have put Mageia on.

Have you thought about writer this up for a website or something, as
publicity like that cant hurt :)

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