[Mageia-discuss] Big printing issue with HP Photosmart 7150 and Mageia

Pierre Opter p.opter at magic.fr
Sun Sep 4 16:06:18 CEST 2011

Le 04/09/2011 14:04, Thomas Lottmann a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am experiencing since a lot of time big printing issues with an HP
> Photosmart 7150 and Mageia.
> To make it simple, now the printer would not print me nothing else
> than a big black square under the middle of the page, whatever I
> give him to print : web page, document, printing a test page, he
> would not print nothing else than a black square.
> My parents do not have a single issue while printing on the same
> printer with Windows. I have tried to fix the issue for months,
> deleting the printer config files, reinstalling packages, nothing
> has done it.
> I am asking for your help. If this issue is not fixed (even though
> it used to work with Mandirva in the past), I will be forced to move
> the computer and all data under Windows 7 as my mother need a
> functionnal computer for her documents and photographies.
> Thank you by advance for helping me understand what is going wrong.

I had a problem with a little similar HP 2050 (in my memory) of a friend.
The printer was paused and can not reactivate it. From memory there
was a backlog, I deleted but it did not change anything.

The bug occurred when it was printed a web page from Firefox.

I then uninstalled everything regarding printing: cups, hplip .... and
reinstall everything.

Here we go again.

My son told me that the HP drivers (although it seems to me under the
GPL) is encoded with the feet.

Yet it is the only brand to make the effort to ensure that all its
printers are compatible Linux ...

good luck


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