[Mageia-discuss] Minimal package number at first install

Xuo xuoy at free.fr
Sun Sep 4 19:43:59 CEST 2011

Le 01/09/2011 22:54, Renaud MICHEL a écrit :
> On jeudi 01 septembre 2011 at 21:14, Xuo wrote :
>> Le 31/08/2011 21:14, Florian Hubold a écrit :
>>> The smallest possible install would be with urpmi --no-suggests
>>> basesystem-minimal ;)
>> Will this command remove all packages which are not in basesystem-minimal
>> ? I think this basesystem-minimal is already installed + some other.
>> Re-installing it will not be very useful except if this removes other
>> packages.
> No, that is on install to tell urpmi _not_ to select the suggested packages 
> of the package you are installing.
> Without --no-suggests urpmi will install both the real dependencies and the 
> suggestions of the packages you choose.
> With --no-suggests it will only install the real dependencies.
> But it won't remove suggested packages that are already installed.
> So, doing it with basesystem-minimal can only work when starting from 
> scratch and installing in an empty chroot for example using the --root (or 
> --urpmi-root) option of urpmi.

I'll have a look at this --root option, but as you say, it means that I
have to start from scratch, and it can be complicated.
But it can be interesting too ...
I'll try to find some information on Internet to see how this can be done.



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