[Mageia-discuss] Sciences in Mageia

Donald Stewart watersnowrock at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 22:22:17 CEST 2011

On 23 June 2011 18:09, Maarten Vanraes <maarten.vanraes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Op donderdag 23 juni 2011 11:54:05 schreef Romain d'Alverny:
> [..]
>> We have several targets in this (children, students, teachers,
>> researchers), several domains. I guess that would be an excellent
>> exercise to build as a first user-specific portal. Do you have any
>> example, sample, idea in mind for this?
>> Romain
> also, sysadmins (server-specific stuff)

To pick this up again, librecad is in the SVN, needs updated to rc2
which I am doing locally now, I am also working on bringing FreeCAD,
OpenCascade and Solome in from MDV/Fedora.
PyCad and a some other cad systems are on the cards to, however I feel
that we should work on the more complete/stable projects first.
There are a few specialist distro's for science/engineering software,
perhaps we could see what they are shipping?

Any ideas or software on the engineering/modelling side of things that
would be useful, I would be willing to have a look.


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